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Your best guide in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. Hawaii Outdoor Guide Katie.

Hawaii Outdoor Guides Lead Guide Katie

Exciting Adventures in Hawaii. Hiking. Camping. Exploring.

The idea for Hawaii Outdoor Guides came on a vacation to New  Zealand. Hiking, kayaking and boogie boarding in such a beautiful country inspired me to be a better person and to enjoy the outdoors in a new way.  Moving to Hawaii I looked for a camping trip that offered similar tours to the ones I enjoyed in New Zealand.

“Finding nothing similar it became my goal to offer the kind of tour that I experienced! “

“I wanted to offer a tour that features hiking, snorkeling, kayaking and walking on the lava. Having a small group is important to me. I don’t want to feel as though I am part of a herd of people.”

At Hawaii Outdoor Guides we specialize in small groups of people that want to have an active vacation. Getting out of the vehicle and into nature is what sets us apart from other tours. Come and enjoy the outdoors!


Lead Guide Katie


If not otherwise stated: all photos by Hawaii Outdoor Guides and Brian Kossen

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