Why partner with Hawaii Outdoor Guides?

Hawaii Outdoor Guides tours are unique. We offer:

+ Snorkeling Adventures and Volcano Adventures at world famous sites on the Big Island of Hawaii.

+ Knowledgeable guides & an off-the-beaten-path experience: we ensure our guests can access the best spots at the very best times.

+ Custom itineraries: we design our tours to offer our guests the very best of the island – its active volcano, marine life, scenery, history, culture, food, and nightlife. Our tours are for people who love to explore a region in an active way.

+ Quality: Our tours provide a high quality experience. This means trained and experienced guides, clean and modern transportation, high quality gear and a permitted and insured tour operation.

+ Great social experience: Our guests travel with people who share their active lifestyle, they’ll find that our tours are unparalleled when it comes to meeting active people and having a great social time.

+ Small groups: To ensure individual attention our groups are very small (max. 14 people).

+ Flexibility: We make our tours as flexible as possible to ensure individual needs of guests are met. Each guest’s activity level is considered and they can participate as little or as much as they like.


We offer tours for every type of guest, including:

+ Beginners: If your clients are looking to learn how to snorkel, our tours are the perfect place to start. Guides will teach your clients all they need to know in a relaxed and non-intimidating way, and they’ll be sure to leave our trips with a new skill.

+ Elderly: We take the time and efforts to meet the special needs of active seniors. We give special attention to transfers (vehicle entries/exits, water entries/exits) and provide appropriate water safety equipment.

+ Families: When a family is looking for a tour that everyone will enjoy they book with us. Children love that we get out of the vehicle and into nature so no long boring talks for them. The parents appreciate that we offer healthy food with many alternatives to please the whole family. Being apart of someones first snorkel experience or watch them see glowing lava for the first time is one of the most rewarding experiences a guide can participate in.

+ Single travelers: Single travelers appreciate our tours because they are safer and easier than venturing out by themselves. They also have the opportunity to meet people that share their interests. Hawaii Outdoor Guides makes sure they have a snorkel buddy for safety, we know the roads and trails so our single travelers have a safe, enjoyable experience.

+ Women: Roughly half of our guests are women. If you have female clients looking for a unique vacation, our tours give the opportunity to meet other like-minded active women. We are a women co-owned and managed operator and offer custom women-only tours with female guides.

Many of our previous guests are willing to talk to you about their experience. At Hawaii Outdoor Guides, we want you and your client to get the most accurate picture possible of our tours. For that purpose, we’ve made available feedback from past guests on our Testimonials page as well as comments on our facebook page (, and we also encourage you to e-mail us at if you would like to speak to one of our past guests directly, either via e-mail or telephone (888 886 7060).


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