Halfway Hawaii game online calculator





How to Play

You just need to put in the distance to fly, airplane speed, wind speed, and time at takeoff (numbers that the pilot gives you) and this app does the rest!

For a tailwind, please add a minus (negative sign) before the wind speed, for example “-22″. All times are automatically assumed to be represented in Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time / Alaska-Hawaii Standard Time (HST).

Even though you will have calculated the time at the halfway point, there is still some luck involved. The correct answer is the actual, measured time at the halfway point, which can be different from the calculated time due to things like a change in wind speed and/or the speed of the plane. Add or subtract some minutes and seconds and try to play as a team to increase your chances of winning. Be sure to include the seconds on your entry because the winner is sometimes determined by seconds!

From experience, the winning times have often added between 1 and 3 minutes from the calculated time.

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