Kilauea Volcano listed as one of America’s most beautiful landmarks

Recently Travel + Leisure magazine listed Kilauea Volcano as one of the most beautiful landmarks in the U.S.

We have to agree! After extensive travel we might have to add that it might be one of the most beautiful places in the world. Our overnight tours have a large focus on Volcanoes National park for that reason.

Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii

The legendary home of Pele, the Hawaiian volcano goddess, this 4,091-foot-high peak is located on the southeastern part of the Big Island of Hawaii. Appropriately named after the Hawaiian word for “spewing” or “much spreading,” this is one of the world’s most active and dangerous volcanoes. Continuous eruptive activity has occurred here since 1983, creating devastating-but-beautiful lava flows that have etched their way across the dramatic landscape.
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