Traditional Volcano Tour Adds New Technology With iPads

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A Traditional Volcano Tour Adds New Technology With iPads

Walking thru the rain forest in Hawaii we stop to listen to something. Is it a native bird and if so what kind? Our guide stops and motions to the small group to come and look at her iPad screen. On it is a video of an Apapane (native Hawaiian bird) singing a song just like the one we just listened to. We are participating in a new kind of tour in Hawaii. An interactive iPad tour. What is that? A guide shows you the island and volcanoes but you feel more in depth with pictures, videos, and stories brought with you on the iPad. Katie, our guide for the day, tells us the story of Kamapua’a the pig man and then shows us an artists rendition of the pig man and an ancient Hawaiian carving. I feel as though the Hawaiian stories and culture come alive.
Hawaii is a beautiful destination and on the island of Hawaii there is so much to see and do. Volcanoes National Park is one of the main reasons we are in Hawaii and to see it with Hawaii Outdoor Guides is the perfect way to experience the island. Driving from Kona we are able to see the desert of Kau to the rain forests inside Volcanoes National Park. We learn about the volcanoes that formed the big island of Hawaii and how all of the other islands could fit into the Big Island with room to spare. Our tour is so informative but fun and active. We hike the trails seeing the lava and sites in person. We ended the day watching the glow from the active volcano and on our drive back to Kona I am listening to music on my own personal iPad.

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A guide points to the fern that is associated with the pig-man depicted on the iPad















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