Waikoloa Dryland Conservation Tour

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Contact: Katie Molzer
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The Waikoloa Dryland Conservation Tour is a new experience for guests who are interested in learning about endangered native plants and land conservation. Hawaii Outdoor Guides has access to the restricted Waikoloa Dry Forest Reserve where experienced guides lead small groups to sites with extremely rare plants (some plants are considered extinct in the wild) and explore the fascinating history and conservation efforts of the Waikoloa dryforest ecosystem. In the nursery, each guest has the great opportunity to personalize a seedling with a tag that will stay with a wiliwili (erythrina sandwicensis) or uhiuhi (caesalpinia kavaiensis) tree. It is estimated that only 100 uhiuhi trees remain in the wild.

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Hawaii Outdoor Guides is an award winning tour operator specializing in small groups and currently offering 6 different tours (daytours and overnight tours) on the island of Hawaii, also known as the Big Island. The company introduced a new Volcano Tour that includes personal iPad tablets featuring more biological, cultural, and geological background information about the places visited on the tour as well as family entertainment for the return transfer.