The Volcanoes of Oahu: Windows to Earth’s Fiery Heart

    The picturesque island of Oahu, renowned for its golden beaches and world-class surf, is the beating heart of Hawaii in more ways than one. Its dramatic landscape has been carved by the forces of plate tectonics and the fiery eruptions of ancient volcanoes. Understanding Oahu’s volcanic history not only offers insight into the [...] read more

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park reopens after partial government shutdown

Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, October 17th, 2013 Hawaii Volcanoes National Park reopens today after the partial government shutdown ended last night. Source: Jessica Ferracane, Public Affairs Officer, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park Contact: 808-985-6018 read more

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5 wild and endangered Nene geese and 4 green sea turtles

Yesterday’s group that was on the Kilauea Volcano Tour + iPad: Small-Group Big Island Tour with Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and Kona Coffee Farm, was lucky and got to see 5 wild and endangered Nene geese and 4 green sea turtles that were resting on the beach!   read more

Volcano Tour + iPad impressions

The guided 12 hour Volcano Tour + iPad starts every morning from Waikoloa and Kona. Detailed tour info is here.                 read more