Welcome to Hawaii, E komo mai

When you visit Hawaii and discover the islands with Hawaii Outdoor Guides you might come across this illustration of the Hawaiian island chain. Welcome and E komo mai to Hawaii! read more

A baby gecko!

A baby gecko! (Full name: gold dust day #gecko, introduced to #Hawaii from Madagascar) #aloha #visithawaii #gohawaii #travel read more

Face of Pele, the goddess of fire, in accretionary lava rock in Hawaii

This face of Pele, the goddess of fire, in a lava rock in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park was created by an artist. The rock is an example of an accretionary lava ball which forms on the surface of an `a`a flow. The rock grows when a small fragment of solidified lava rolls along the surface [...] read more

Raccoon butterflyfish on the Kona coast in Hawaii

Raccoon butterflyfish are common along the Kona coast in Hawaii. More information about the Kona snorkeling tour: http://hawaiioutdoorguides.com/tours/snorkel-tour/ #snorkeling #tour #Kona #Hawaii #underwater #travel #photography   read more

Steam vents at Kilauea caldera inside Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Steam vents at #Kilauea caldera inside #Hawaii #Volcanoes National Park with #Mauna Loa in the background. Picture taken on a hike on the “Volcano + iPad” tour. #nature #photography #hiking #travel #aloha More information about the “Volcano + iPad” tour: http://hawaiioutdoorguides.com/tours/tour-kilauea-volcano/ read more

Kilauea volcano’s Halema’uma’u lava lake hits new record high

The Kilauea volcano’s Halema’uma’u lava lake level was about 80 feet below the crater floor and lava lapped over the inner ledge of its vent, reaching a new high and bring molten rock closer than ever to the floor of the crater. More about the story here: Hawaiian Lava Lake Hits New Record High – [...] read more

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Frequent encounters with Green Sea turtles during Volcano Tour from Kona

We frequently encounter these beautiful protected sea creatures during our Volcano Tour with pickup from the Kona side. This Green Sea turtle (honu) is basking in the sun on a black sand beach in Hawaii. If you look closely, you can see a tag on the turtle’s front right side. One must stay away several [...] read more

More images from the Hawaii Kilauea “Volcano Tour + iPad” from Kona

Enjoy the beauty of Hawaii and Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on the “Volcano Tour + iPad” starting from Kona. More information about the tour: http://hawaiioutdoorguides.com/tours/tour-kilauea-volcano/             read more

Hawaii Volcano Tour, Hawaii Volcanoes, Lava Tour Big Island

Hawaii volcano tours with lava viewing are highly recommended during a visit to the Big Island of Hawaii. But it is not just the glowing lava that attracts so many visitors each year. Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is an island within the island. It harbors numerous native plants, birds, and animals. Here is a short [...] read more

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Hiking inside Kilauea volcano in a lava tube in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

During the Volcano Tour + iPad we hike through Thurston Lava tube (Nahuku) where you will have a chance to explore the inside of the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. More information about the Volcano Tour + iPad. More information about Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.       read more

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